About Czurtek

CZUR is our company name as well as our registered trademark. CZUR means “Continue Zeal Until Real”.

We believe in the value of “Continue”; From the day we start, we continue thinking that what is the best way of scanning books, what is the value of smart hardware. We are sure that smart hardware should have its own “brain” to deal with problems, smart hardware should be connected to the cloud, and smart hardware can “talk” with people directly. So we spent over 3 years to develop the world’s first true smart scanner and continue testing our algorithm for hundreds of thousand times to make sure it can deal with all the difficult problems.

We believe in “Zeal” is the core of success. Since we start this problem, we have conquered millions of difficulties, including hardware, software, algorithm, cloud and so on. We know that without the “Zeal”, we can never move forward to the place we are now. We know that CZUR will change the way of scanning forever, so we always keep the “Zeal” to make everything perfect.

We believe in that we can make our dream “Real”. We launched our program on Indiegogo and raised over 750 thousand US dollars with 3000 backers. We have finished three rounds of VC investment. We (CZUR TECH Co., Ltd.) are the first company who proposed “Enterprise-class smart hardware”, we have established hardware R&D center in Shenzhen, software R&D center in Dalian, algorithms laboratory in Chengdu, factory and warehouse in Dongguan. Looking back we have realized the dream we made three years ago, and we full of confidence to make our new dream “Real” in the future.

We hope to keep the most open stance, looking for partners with the same dream, to have multifaceted cooperation in all directions, realizing “Software and hardware combination” in the future, and promoting “enterprise-class smart hardware” to everyone. Technology should never be minority’s privilege, and we hope everyone can enjoy CZUR scanner.