How to download scanned images from Czur Cloud to your Czur Scanner Software Suite in local computer.

Log into your Czur Cloud account at:


After logged in, you can see all the images you have uploaded to the cloud.

If you did not see all your recently scanned images in the cloud, please wait few minutes and refresh the page to check again. Depending on your internet connection, it can take about 5-10 minutes for the scanner to upload all the scanned images to the cloud.

Select the images you want to download (the default view in Czur cloud is by date, all your recently scanned images will be arranged by the scanned time by default). You can make a collective selection by click the Select button besides the date.czurccmainscreen

czurlogin3When images are selected, you will see a new menu turns up at the right hand column with more options. Click on Share, select the time you want to keep the share link active, then the cloud server will generate a download link and password for the selected images.

Image 8Open the generated share link in a new browser windows, input the password when it is requested, click Confirm, the downloading of selected images will start. The images will be downloaded as a single Zip file.

When the downloading is completed, unzipped the downloaded file.

Open Bulk Rename Utility (Bulk Rename Utility and is free to download at:/, drag the unzipped folder to its Bulk Rename Utility’s main application window, it will import all the downloaded images to Bulk Rename Utility for renaming.

When all selected images are imported to Bulk Rename Utility, press Ctl+A on your keyboard to select all the images, sort the selected file by name (the original image name are time coded, the older file name’s number will be smaller than the new files).

From Bulk Rename Utility, set the following options:

Choose to remove the first 99 characters in the file name.
Add image as the new file name’s prefix.
In numbering, choose suffix as the number mode, set pad number as 4.
Now, in the preview window of Bulk Rename Utility, you shall see all images are renamed as image0001, image0002 etc.
Click on Rename, the bulk rename process is done.

Image 13


Open Czur Scanner Software Suite from your computer, choose scanner mode.

On the right column, click on Import, select the downloaded images folder with the renamed images, click on Select Folder, it will import all the downloaded files to the Scanner Software Suite.

Image 14

Now, you can continue to further operations including OCR, bulk PDF export etc.